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Rebecca & Stuart - Maternity Session

Its always a joy to meet expecting parents. Seeing the love for their unborn child already in full bloom is so incredibly beautiful. When Rebecca and Stuart kindly asked me to capture this on camera I didn't realise how incredibly special our time together would be. Hearing their stories, seeing them laugh and their fearce love for one another. 

We headed to Wroxton Abbey a place that I have grown very fond of since moving to Oxfordshire. Its full of secrets and the most people dappled lit woodland. As I arrived I noticed the main gates had were shut and I began to panic. Typical I said to myself. Rebecca and Stuart arrived and instead of heading off in search of some other location, I suggested we walk up the beautiful country cottage adorned road next to the Abbey. Well I am glad we did as we found an footpath into the meadow next to the Abbey which homes the beautiful old tower on the hill. The breeze blew through the tall grass and the light was so dreamy. I popped on a playlist of music which was truly magical, as the couple went off into their own world. Witnessing it all through my eyes. Stuary bought along his video camera and stole a few moments as we walked around the meadow spotting a wheat field in the next field. With a few poppies that danced in the wind, I capture the low sun that kissed their cheeks. They danced, kissed and a mother held her bump tight. 

A wonderful evening with wonderful parents. Who I know will adore their child. Oh and guess what... I was chased by the sheep...

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