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Kate & Alex - Cotswolds Wedding

How do I even begin to tell you about one of the most special days I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of. I don't think any amount of words will ever express how much capturing the wedding of my two friends Kate & Alex  meant to me, but I shall do my best. I shall start from the beginning.

It all started with a beautiful soul called Emma. Emma walked into my life when she messaged me requesting I photograph some of her beautiful nature inspired jewellery. Of course me and nature are best buds so I knew that it wasn't even an option and I said yes instantly. Two weeks later Emma turns up on my door with a bundle of boxes and vintage goodies ready for our session together and I can tell you now, it was an instant friendship. She bought light to my door with her beautiful smile and CAKE! She bought cake! Later that month I received an email from her twin sister Kate, requesting to book me for her special day in July. I was being blessed with two beautiful souls. 

I am sad to add this to the story, but our darling Emma passed away in January with a short battle with cancer. I felt like my heart had been ripped from my chest. In that short time that I knew Emma, she gifted me so much in her friendship and love. She was my mother earth soul sister. She was kind, gentle and raw. She is my hero. I miss her every single day but the best gift that Emma gave me was her twin. In her I have made not only a friend but a BEST FRIEND. Kate is just like her sister in so many ways and knowing that I have her only brings me closer to Emma. 

Moving forward Kate and I spoke regularly about her big day and soon July arrived and I was in my car heading to her beautiful mothers house to capture bridal prep. On my way I popped on some music that reminded me of Emma. She was with us that day and I shall tell you more in a moment. 

I arrived to be greeted by a curly haired Kate. Her natural curls always make me smile. The morning was full of emotion, laughter and smiles. Her dress hung on the wardrobe and I cried a little as a photographed it hanging up, Kate holding the curtain back so we could let the light shine in. The smell of breakfast was all around and everyone gathered round the table for a scrambled egg and salmon breakfast. I photographed her engagement ring amongst some flowers, Emma made her engagement ring and I knew she would have liked that. Soon enough it was time to put the dress on. I gathered everyone in the living room. They all waited with excitement in the bellies. Mum helped Kate get her dress on and it was so special to witness. Kate waited at the top of the stairs and I called her down. She walked into the room and the smile on Dads face my my heart pound. He instantly started to cry. Raw emotion filled the room. I left the family all marvelling over how elegant and darling Kate looked.

I arrived for the ceremony at Bodicote Registry office to find Alex. Surrounded by his loved ones he waited patiently for Kate's arrival. Nervous butterflies in his tummy. The sun was shining and the front of the building adorned by ferns. A fitting tribute as Emma loved ferns. We were all called into the ceremony room and we wait for the music to start. The doors opened and there she was. Alex's face lit up, the cat that got the cream. Holding back the tears he greeted his wife to be with a kiss and a shake of Dads hand. Both Alex and Kate's Dad gripped on to her hand, neither wanting to let go. The ceremony was magic. A simple service with laughter, tears and love and soon enough we were in the gardens chucking confetti and taking formal photos. Never underestimate how much I love confetti and Kate didn't. She had a basket full of dried petals which smelt amazing.

We were soon driving our way to Stowe On The Wold where we arrived at a beautiful country road where we walked and took time for their couple photos. We admired the view and talked about how beautiful the day was turning out and of we went to the most darling bar on the market square. The Old Stocks Inn. Walls covered in amazing art work, tables full of wild British flowers, photos of Kate & Alex every where and the best table plan I have ever seen. The afternoon was delightful. Speeches were emotional as Emma was a big part. Trying not to cry I photographed every second of it.

Now let me tell you about the best part of the day. A memory so dear to me, a moment that will forever be entwined in my heart. I decided that evening I would go and move my car from down the lane to the square. As I walked in the distance I could see the sky line looked on fire. I ran to my car, dashed to the venue and grabbed Kate & Alex. Get in my car now I said there is a sunset and we must find it. They of course were so up for this adventure and we drove off to seek the perfect field. What we found was so much more than just a field. We found the most amazing poppy field. We climbed the fence to get in and we stood for a while just looking at the suns light hitting the poppies, making the field look like it was on fire. I turned to Kate and said "Kate, this is your gift from Emma" We all embraced and cried. I put on some music and the couple did their first dance amongst the poppies. I don't think I will ever experience a moment like that ever again, because it was for us a once in a life time. Emma wasn't just present in the ferns that covered the front of the registry office, or in the photos on her Mums wall, or the words spoken but she was present in that field that evening. Present in away that only us three got to experience. 

I will never forget this day until I leave this earth. Thank you Kate & Alex for blessing me with your friendship, your love and faith.

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