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The Just Be Sessions

I have been meaning to share these photos for ages but just haven't found the time to blog at all. With lots of work, two holidays and generally just being a Mumma, blogging sadly sits on the sidelines until I find a few moments when my child rarely naps. That aside, I am here today to share with you a new project I am starting called The Just Be Sessions. Let me tell you first how this came about.

Last year I talked about on my instagram capturing the raw emotions of a human. It wasn't until my dear friend Anna came to take some body confidence shots of me, that I whipped out my camera (with the intentions of doing a body confidence session for her) that it turned into more of an emotional session that I had expected. The session took a completely different turn. 

I asked Anna to play a piece of music that really made her feel something. A song that touched her deeply. Basically I wanted to capture the vulnerable side of humans and if that meant she cried then so be it. Now Anna was convinced that she wouldn't cry because for Anna, when ever she felt vulnerable she would make jokes and laugh her true feelings away. The song played and I asked her to just let go, that it was just me and that I am here. I asked her what the song reminded her of, what it represented (that I will keep to myself) and as the song reached a certain part Anna just started to cry. She let go. I held her hand and told her to let it out because sometimes we bottle things up that we just need to let go of. She did and after she told me how cathartic it felt just allow herself to open up.

After this session it sparked my want, my need to capture emotion in its trustest form. 

The Just Be Project is a non profit project. I shall be making no money from this. I want to be with you. Be in your space. I want you to tell me your story, openly and freely. Lets play your favourite music, watch your favourite movie. This project isn't just about me capturing you in a raw and I use that word a lot, but its a time for you to be with a new friend. To talk to me. No matter what your stories, I want to hear them. Funny, sad, angry. Talk to me and whilst we do this I will photograph moments. 

This project may seem a little weird to some but as someone with anxiety and a story sometimes I find it easier to talk to someone I haven't met but you have to be truly ready to talk to me so over the course of time before we meet, I shall keep in touch with you. I will tell you stuff about me and you me. 

If this project sounds like your thing and you would like to join in please do get in touch. If you are based outside Northampton I only ask for travel costs and maybe a couch for the night. 

I really want this little project to be a good thing for those who let me in and for myself. We all have a story to share and I am ready and waiting to be your listener.

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