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Chloe & Tom - Dovecote Barn

CHLOE & TOM! This amazing couple, this gorgeous, loved up magic couple. In the rolling hills of Oxfordshire, on a farm dear to my heart I set out to capture their special day in film. Doves flying above, a warm glow inside a rustic barn, food to die for and so much love I felt like the walls of the barn may burst open. With a first look before the ceremony, a photobooth to die for (I want one in my own home) and a niece who creates the cutest love stories,  I knew that this day was going to be one I wouldn't forget.

Flowers adorned their ceremony backdrop and a tear rolled as I filmed in the same location I got married with my boy. What a special and honoured moment this was for me. To be able to capture two loving souls marry in the same spot I did. Of course when Chloe emailed me to ask if I would film their day I practically begged her not to change her mind. I screamed at her through the internet and I think she got that I wasn't going to let her change her mind. 

This wedding will always hold a special place in my heart and I truly hope you enjoy this video as much as I did creating it.


Capturing weddings is a scary job and one I never thought I would be any good at, but slowly I am coming to realise that I was born to do this job and there is no stopping me now. As Chloe (above) told me 

"Well Hannah, quite frankly, you need to pull your fabulous breast up and know that you are a QUEEN at what you do"

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