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Meeting new friends - Siobhan & Rory Bear

I have been really lucky this year when it comes to meeting wonderful Instagram friends. Building friendships online seems to be the norm now days and although some may find it strange to call someone a friend when you have never met, I believe a friendship can be just as strong without having met that when you do meet its as if you have been friends forever. Things just flow. You know each other so well that you just slot into each others lives and thats just what happened with Siobhan and I.

This month I finally got to meet my darling Siobhan and Rory Bear. Siobhan has always been a source of inspiration for me from her tips on photography to her sense of awareness. She knows what she wants and damn it she works really hard for it.

We spent the day exploring a wonderful country park real close to her home. Picnic under the trees, walks by the stream, cows in the meadow and wonderful conversations about the future. Siobhan and I have a bright future together as a team and I can't wait to share with you all our plans. Exciting times everyone.

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