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Mossie's Adventure- In the bluebells with her family

To You Sweet Girl-

I have photographed many children now all beautiful in their own ways but Mossie, Oh sweet Mossie. I have known you for a little while now but we had never really spoken but I can tell you now, I have never had such a strong connection with a little girl like I did you. You sweet beautiful girl with a soul as deep as the ocean. Your eyes sparkled with joy, you hummed sweet tunes as we walked amongst the blue bells. You taught me about plants you can eat in the forest. We felt the Earths heart beat together. We spoke about how being "different" isn't really being different, its being unique. You were graced upon this earth for great things. One day you will find people who you truly connect with and all the sadness you feel sometimes will fade into the darkness and all you will be left with is a feeling of purpose. You little girl are truly special, special because you feel deeper than most children do at your age. Oh how I adore you Mossie. You are a pixie amongst giants and I am so grateful that I get to have you as part of my world. You are pure and full of innocence. Never change even on days when you feel it would be best to just "fit in". Never change the wonder in your eyes. Never change not for a second because if you did my dear, I would miss you.

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