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Melissa & Family- At Home

Photographing families outside is pure bliss for me. I am so at home when I am outside. It is such an honour for me when a family however, ask me to come and photograph them in their home. Its not something I have done a lot of and I guess in a way I hide myself away from it out of fear that I wouldn't be any good because as my friend said, its not my natural habitat. When Melissa asked me once again to capture her family with their latest addition I felt so proud because its one thing to go on adventure with someone out and about but to be trusted enough to enter their home, their sanctuary, is just wonderful and its really something I want to do more of. Melissa was slightly nervous mainly because she was critical about her home but I want my future clients to look passed that. I am not there to capture perfection, I am there to capture reality and lets face it its hard enough with one child let alone two. Although this was an at home session I didn't want to leave so we decided to take a walk and what a wonderful walk it was. It really was a bonus that I was able to capture them at home and in a place they love to walk. Melissa and her family are the sweetest family and knowing I have been able to give them two sessions of memory makes my heart sing.

Being a photographer for me isn't just about turning up and taking photos, its so much more than that. Its about connecting with people and being able to step into their worlds even if it is just for a few hours. In the next few months I am going to start offering a package called A Magical Day. This package will offer families the chance to book me from breakfast till bed time. Capturing all those normal daily moments. I want to dive deep into their worlds and photograph the normality of family life. The laughter, the angry moments, the love and even the tears. I want to tell your story in photos. 

Happy Monday all.

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