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The Wolves Adventures- Puzzle Wood

Sometimes we  just find a place that we feel an instant connection with. Puzzle Wood was like stepping into Middle Earth which of course for this Hobbit obsessed girl was true heaven. It is said that these woods are the ones that inspired Tolkien and his creation of the forests in Middle Earth and I can certainly see why. Every rock was covered in moss and wild flowers, the light was a dreamy haze which shone through every gap, the smell of wet mud under foot. Rock steps of all shapes and sizes, blankets of white flowers, the sound of birds singing and ancient wooden fences and bridges. We sat and ate snacks on a bench right at the edge of the wood and as we sat peacefully two little Robins came to visit, they stayed with us till we moved on. Those are moments I long for. If I could have moved right into that wood I would have. As we walked around I felt on a few occasions my eyes fill with happy tears. I think I have found another happy place.

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