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Katie & Caspian

First new born session of the year and what a beautiful one it is. In fact beautiful just doesn't do this session justice, no word does. For me it was an awakening.

Sometimes in life we meet people that we instantly click with. Someone who we can tell from their smile that they are going to be your soul friend for life. This is just how I felt when Katie and I finally met. After being Instagram friends for a long time, admiring each other from a far, we finally met. This wasn't work, this was a day with a friend and it was like we had known each other all our lives. We talked for hours before even taking any photos. We just clicked. Like puzzle pieces of a great jigzaw. Oh and Caspian was a dream of a little boy.

After a few hours of talking about motherhood and life, we started taking photos and what a dream pair they were to capture. We even took a walk and ended up in a pub to have a cold drink before heading back home. Everything was just perfect. I didn't want the day to end but its not the end because I went as an instagram friend, I came home a soul friend.

I am truly blessed to call this my job and this shoot really opened my eyes and I now know what I was born to do. I really hope you like these photos and the little video I created. Have a great weekend all.

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