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The Wolves Adventures - Evenley Wood Garden

The start of the year has been a little slow for us and especially where work is concerned but now the dreaded month of January is done with things are slowly but surely going to pick up. So in those quieter periods I have spent some time outside with Elliott.

We wrapped up warm and took a drive to Evenley Wood Gardens on Monday to visit the snowdrops and I wasn't disappointed and even did a huge WOW as I saw them. I can't say Elliott was as impressed as Mummy and spent most our time there crying into the biscuit in his hand or falling down the same rabbit hole twice and before I knew it I was whisking my very cold little Wolf back to the car to warm up but we will be back before the snowdrops say goodbye for the year and this time I will be prepared with hot coco.

(Elliott is wearing a double pom pom knit hat by First Wishes)

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