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2017 wrapped up

I can't believe how fast the last year has gone. So many wonderful moments and so many challenges I have had to overcome and although I am nervous about what 2018 brings I am welcoming the new year with open arms and looking forward to what it has in store for myself and my little family.

But lets talk about 2017 how blooming amazing it really was. At the start of the year I took that plung into my new business. After leaving my old job that I hated, I felt now is the time to really push myself and my confidence. Believe in myself and although I have battled with my confidence a lot this year, I haven't let it stop me going forwards. I like to think it was all me but really with out my family and my closest friend supporting me to believe in myself I don't think I would have carried on. Not only that but to all those families and all those lovely wonderful couples who booked me to take their family photos and wedding photos. Who had faith in me and believed in me and although I am still learning, I am also learning to trust myself and my talent. I am far from perfect but thats ok because who is. This year I had 24 sessions. That doesn't seem much to some but considering it was my first year I say thats pretty damn good.

I was going to share with you all my favourites from the year but to be honest I just cant choose. I have spent hours trying to choose and I can't so I have decided to share just one. One photo this sticks out to me the most. A photo of the two people I adore the most. Who are my reason for pushing myself because its not just for me, its for them too.

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