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Children of the Forest

An early rise and a drive to Thetford Forest. The sun had that low evening winter feel about it all day and the fields were covered in frost. A perfect mornings drive to meet a lovely family a photograph them amongst the pines.

The weather was colder than expected but it gave the forest that perfect winter feeling and even gave me a Christmassy feeling inside. Considering how cold it was the children were great and although the shoot didn't go as planned, sometimes thats when the best photos appear. The cold faces with rose cheeks, finding little worlds attached to pine cones and toadstools at our feet, the warn winter sun gave us some warmth and the girls spun around amongst the rays. I even made Mum be in a few photos and WOW doesn't she look stunning.

Thank you Rebecca and family for having faith in me to capture you and for supporting me right from the start.

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