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BareBlooms - Floral Crown Workshop

Recently I got to attend another amazing workshop hosted by my darling friend Chloe of BareBlooms. This time instead of a wreath workshop it was a wonderful flower crown workshop and what a pleasure it was to attend and photograph for Chloe once again.

 I just love making flower crowns and this year I made with my friend Lucy a lovely blossom crown which sadly of course didn't last long, so I was determind at this workshop to make a crown that would dry perfectly to hang on my wall at home.

With a table covered in flowers and foliage, we all set to work making our crowns with the help of Chloe of course who at one point I had helping me (doing mine) hey I needed time to take photos. Lots of tea and the most delightful vegan treats which for this picky eater tasted perfect. Everyone gelled so well together and it was like we were a little family. This is what I adore about workshops, you can go in knowing no one and come away with new friends and a beautiful floral crown, which now hangs in my bathroom making it look pretty.

Thank you BareBlooms for another amazing workshop. Roll on 6th December when I will be back making another wreath! 

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  1. Such a wonderfully perfect representation of the morning. You can see how much fun everyone was having, not just creating amazing crowns but getting to know new people. Thank you for capturing it all xx