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A better version of me.

 Its been a long time since I took any self portraits and recently I have been really inspired to do some. Mainly because as vain as some may think it is to take photos of yourself, I feel its a good way to help boost your self esteem. By embracing your body and its changes it makes through the years.

Since having a baby like many mothers I have battled with body confidence and identity. I have struggled to find who I am now I am a mother but I am learning that maybe that is who I am, a mother. It doesn't mean I have to forget that I am also Hannah as well. I can still be the dreamer, the adventure seeker but instead my dreams involve my little Wolf too and thats actually pretty cool. I get to pass on the wonder to him. I get to watch his eyes light up. I get to create with him. I have spent far too much of motherhood so far thinking I had lost who I was but I haven't I have become a better version of who I was.

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