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The Hartwell-Holmes Family- Whistley Wood

 Sometimes unexpected obsticles are in the end a blessing. Today was one of those photoshoots when things were just against us. Our first location had a huge event on which I wasn't aware of, so I frantically called Melissa to tell her and to say redirect to Evenley Wood Garden. Great sorted. 

Of course not, as we both arrive at the same time we notice the gates are shut and their is a private event going on at the gardens! WHY!!!! So I get out the car beg for forgiveness and call my lovely friend Chloe who quickly suggested another location. So we did a quick few photos in the ploughed fields and dashed back the way we came to Whistley Wood and thank goodness we did because he heavens started to open on us earlier than expected. 

Although the first hour started out dramatically, Melissa and her family were in high spirits and were up for anything and I am so glad our location changed. Whistley Wood is a small wood but full of charm. Acorns lined the wood floor, ferns grew tall and we even came across some blackberry bushes were little Willow decided to pick some, after she saw me stuff my face with one. It was a great oppotunity to get some lovely natural shots of them just being. Just being a family enjoying the moment. Even if it did rain on and off. Mummy braved the cold and wet in her pretty floral dress which complimented her beautiful baby bump so well, Daddy looked handsome in his rolled up sleeves and well Willow was just adorable the whole time and I could have taken her home with me.

So, although our original plans didn't happen, the best came from it. I have come home with a bunch of super lovely photos of a family I am sure to stay in touch with for many years to come, especially as I shall be doing newborn photos for them. 

Thank you M, J and W for being an amazingly understanding and letting me have a wobble before really setting to work. Your rock!

*Flower crowns created by my dear friend Chloe of Bareblooms.


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