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The Andrews Family

What a lovely day it has been. A little trip to West Wycombe to meet my lovely instagram friend Juliet and her adorable little family. Juliet was one of the first people to book a shoot with me when I started business and goodness have I been looking forward to this day. Juliet & Chris are a dream couple to work with and although little baby Elijah was teething pretty badly we didn't let that stop us. 

We climbed steep wild flower hills, explored pretty church yards, had lunch in a oldey pub and explored the gardens of a pretty National Trust house but damn those nasty new teeth, my heart strings were tug so hard for little E. He was such a darling little boy and I can tell he is going to grow to be a child that likes to explore. 

Thank you Juliet & Chris for having me along for your little adventure in West Wycombe.  

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