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Let Them Be Wild

What a beautiful day it has been. A day of giggles, exploring, water splashing and mud chucking.
Today I got to photograph my friend Deb and her two little cheeky ladies Lottie and Flo. These two little girls made me laugh so much with their cheeky antics and I loved that they played with mud and got in the stream with out being prompted. They just loved getting dirty. Two girls after my own heart. There were stinging nettle nasties, spinning falls and spiders in hair but these girls took it all in their stride. Mummy was amazing with her laid back, go for it attitude which helped make this shoot so much fun.Such an honour to photograph this beautiful girls. 

Thank you to Evenley Wood Garden for once again being the perfect spot to capture a wonderful family. They also provided baskets to collect treasures in. A location I'd recommend to all. 

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  1. We had an amazing time, thank you so much Hannah. You're bloody fabulous at your job and caught my little family perfectly! Xx