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Sunflower Picking- Grain love it or hate it

Something I have noticed is that a lot of photographers are afraid of grain. I have to admit for a long time I was but over the years I have found a love for it and now when editing I like to add grain and if I have taken photos with grain in, which can happen when shooting weddings in low light, I have learnt to accept that. I think there is this stigma behind grain, that it doesn't look professional, that you haven't worked your settings properly etc etc. I find especially with wedding photography that its not the done thing to have grain in images, least I haven't seen many that incorporate it into their work. Why does an image have to be perfect, why cant it just be a moment in time captured. This is why I love photos that maybe out of focus as well because thats what it is, a moment of time captured in an instant. Lets all embrace the grain and the blur and not be afraid to not be perfect.

On that note here are some photos taken whilst we were sunflower picking.

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