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Olivia with her big blue eyes

A quick change of plan due to weather bought me to Delepre Abbey with the loveliest of families. Alexandra, Matt and beautiful sweet Olivia. A family so full of happiness it bursts out of each photo along with the pops of colour that the Abbey had on offer. We explored, we talked, & I watched as both parents cherished every second, how Daddy kept giving his little girl sweet kisses and how mummy held her so tight that they become entangled with love.

 Olivia with her big eyes, little nose and beautiful smile. Inquisitive and clever, with a fondness for dogs. What a delight you are. I am so grateful your Mummy asked me to photograph you. You are a joy. So calm and so so loved. I can not tell you how much your mummy & daddy love you, no words could express how much, but little lady, I shall tell you a secret. Its a lot.

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