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Spontaneous adventures to the cows parsley

A unplanned evening spent with one of my oldest friends and her girls. I love evenings that are spontaneous and unexpected. Originally I was supposed to be working this weekend but plans changed. Although I wasn't heading down to Southampton as planned, my mother in law still wanted Elliott for the night so I took the opportunity to have some Hannah time, which may I had I am very lucky to get a lot of. The trouble is, when you suddenly get this free time and do not have plans, you wonder to yourself what can I do. 

I didn't want to waste the evening sitting in front of the tv watching endless amounts of Gossip Girls so I did a live chat on instagram to get suggestions from others and BOOM, Keri-Anne told me to come over so we could go out and take photos. A lovely surprise visit to see one of my oldest friends. So I hopped in my car and headed over to hers. She had dinner in the oven for me, we danced around the living room with the girls and then headed to the cows parsley fields to take some evening pictures. Perfect.

The great thing about having pretty looking friends is that when you need to practice using your camera in different types of light, who better than to model for you. Thank to my dear Keri-Anne of Gingerlillytea and her eldest Elle for letting my snap some pictures of them this evening.

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