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Greys Court- National Trust

 Oh Greys Court what a true delight you were. With your beautiful views, your walled secret gardens with surprises round every corner, your fountains and your beautiful smells. I don't think I could have loved you any more. Oh and BABY COWS!!! Elliott especially loved those.

Today I have the pleasure of going on an adventure with Keri-Anne and the girls. After having look through the National Trust app, Keri-Anne mentioned Greys Court so it wasn't hard to know that was the place for us as I know KA seems to pick the best NT places to visit and I am so pleased we got to go there. We were sad to have missed the Wisteria but with wall lined with roses I didn't leave too upset tehehe. Each part of the walled gardens were spectacular and all had their own charm. From Rose tunnels, fountains, ponds and old building ruins, it really was like walking into the Secret Garden, minus the swing what we so wished had been there.

I certainly will be coming back here this summer with my boys and cant wait to show them just how magical it really is.

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