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A Father & His Four Loves

 A Father and his four loves. What a wonderful little family to work with today. The weather was wonderful which always helps of course. The forest was abundant with new life growing amongst the old and it was a delight to explore it with these loves.  Muddy puddle splashing, ant finding, BIG sticks and lots of cuddles and kisses amongst the fir trees.

As a gift for her father, Amy wanted to give him a Birthday present of memories and it was a pleasure to help her do that. Thats what it is all about after all. Capturing pure and simple love, creating memories, ones that can be kept forever. A perfect gift for a truly well loved Father, Granddad and Partner.



  1. Thank you Hannah for an amazing natural photo experience. It was calm and collected, loved where you chose too as I have many childhood memories with my dad there. We really enjoyed it and love the finishing pics too x

    1. It was a pleasure my dear. Thank you for choosing me to take your photos and give you some happy memories. xxx