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The Wolves Adventures - Yorkshire Dales

What a week we have had. Our first holiday as a three and what an experience it was indeed. Full of exploring, waterfalls, little villages, moss covered cliffs and sheep. For us its perfection and I am so pleased to be able to share it all with you in a "few" photographs. Grab a cuppa and take a read.

Day 1- Was spent exploring the Lake District. We had planned to visit Beatrix Potters home, Hill Top farm but sadly we arrived and it was an hour wait and no parking. Of course this being our only plan for the day left us in a pickle as what to do next. This is when we truly realised how much we have taken from granted it just being us two. Usually in the situations we would just drive and hope for the best but this time we had to think about Elliott. We had no idea what we were doing and the day turned out to be rather stressful. Until we decided to drive back to the Dales, we took a drive towards Malham and got to see some of the Dales and explore the wonderful off the beaten track waterfall, Scaleber Falls. One of the things I will remember most about this day is standing at the top of the falls and hearing a bird that reminded me of one of my favourite movies the Secret Garden. It was pretty windy and we decided to head back to Settle where we had dinner. A day that didn't turn out as planned but a day that turned around and patted us on the back and said "You made it" 

Day 2- What a great day this was. After the day before not going to plan, the night before Lee and I say down and created one of his crazy but amazing itineraries which took us on a day trip into the Dales and it did not disappoint. The roads were misty and windy but the atmosphere was perfect. We found Ribblehead Viaduct which sat amongst the fog, we then found Aysgarth Falls which I got all excited about as it is where the scene from Prince Of Thieves, where Robin and Little John fight with big sticks was set and of course I just had to stand right were Kevin Costner stood. We then headed off into the hills and came across Castle Bolton. From there we drove up into the hills and through many little villages and down a hill that was 25%! STEEP!!! The day was ended with a drink in Malham. 

Day 3- Well what can I say about today. Today was a day I and I know Lee will never forget. Today we decided to head to Ingelton Waterfalls Trail and I am so glad we decided to go. A 4.5m trek through forests, rocky cliff faces and hill top meadows. Not only that but endless waterfalls. I have never seen waterfalls like it and they were spectacular. My heart I swear skipped a beat when we came across the first one. Climbing up and up we arrived to the top where we stopped for a pit stop of lovely spring water lemonade. Then it was time to head back down and seek out more of the waterfalls by this point my camera had given up and decided to sleep and I am glad as it gave me a chance to really take it all in properly. Over 4 hours later we arrived at the car and headed back to Malham where we had the best meal of the holiday. The only thing left was to give Elliott a sink bath in the cottage kitchen sink. A wonderful way to end a truly wonderful but at times trying holiday.

I really am most at home when exploring mother nature and many times I said to myself, this is it. This is how I want to live forever. A holiday I will never forget and with my two favourite people. Memories in the bank...


  1. Such a beautiful blog post. You have made me miss Yorkshire even more now. I love Ayesgarth Falls, very close to the village my Uncle George had a Farm and I had many childhood holidays. BEST MEMORIES ever! Thanks Hannah for sharing.

    1. Oh my you are more than welcome. Such a wonderful message. So glad I could spark some memories for you. xxx