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In The Heather- The Pink Family

Sometimes I just love going through my folders on my laptop of shoots passed and remembering how wonderful they were to shoot. I tend to edit and re edit photos a lot but this is one shoot I adore I haven't spent time re editing. I love finding new textures and making my own presents but I must say I do use VSCO a lot on lightroom. I love their presents VSCO have and sometimes when its a unpaid shoot I import my photos into the VSCO app on my phone to start the editing process and then I carry on tweaking in Lightroom. Its a long process but I always seem to get the results I want that way. I am now amazing at editing and do find I spend a lot of time oooing and ahhhing at others abilities to edit just how I want to. 

Over the course of the next few weeks I really want to start sharing more of my shoots gone by. Shoots that I loved working on. So today I thought I would share a few photos from this shoot with my Keri-Anne and her girls. This was done back in 2014 but it is one of my most favourites and I really hope me and the girls can go back to the heather and do another shoot of them all. You may see this family pop up a lot over the next few weeks. 

I also want to take on a few families to build up my portfolio and I am planning on doing a giveaway were 2 families can win a photo shoot with me. So please keep your eyes peeled. This girlie needs to build up her portfolio.

Happy Sunday all!

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