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Juliet Andrews Candles

Every so often I get to work with wonderful small business. The wonderful thing is,  just by taking a few photographs of their products and sharing them with the world, in some small way I am helping them reach more people and when I can do that I feel on top of the world. 

Today I get to share with you the wonderful Juliet Andrews Candles. She creates incredible scented candles. Scents that I have never seen in stores before and ones that actually do smell like the real thing. So many times I have come across candles that state they are a certain scent yet when burning they either don't give off a smell or they just don't smell at all like their description. With Juliet Andrews Candles they really do smell real. Especially this Popcorn one. It really does smell like you could be in the movies tucking into a box of Popcorn whilst pouring your heart out watching a sad movie with your loved one. In fact for me candles should be scents that remind you of certain memories. My home is full of candles that smell of Christmas as for me this family time brings me the best of memories and each time I light one I get to relive those happy times.

So if you want to bring a scent into your home that reminds you of happy times then Juliet Andrews Candles are for you. Head over to her website here: http://julietandrewscandles.com/

(I also realise I have used the word candles A LOT)

Happy Sunday all.

(This is a collaborative post. All words and opinions are my own)

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