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Ellie, Nathan and Little Miss

A wood full of bluebells and the cutest most loving family you could ever meet. This evenings shoot in Badby Woods was just how I hoped it would be. Full of smiles, giggles, two soppy crazy dogs and most important, lots of unconditional love. This is the best thing about working with families being able to capture their love for one another but in the most natural way possible. 

All families have a story and this families story is one of true faith and having faith bought them their beautiful Little Miss (I have nicknamed her this). Nathan was diagnosed with cancer back in 2012. Testicular cancer. After being treated for this he then found out the cancer had spread to three parts of his body. I can not even imagine the fear that was going through his mind and Ellie's either but together they took the cancer  head on and after going through chemo, Nathan is now 5 years clear of that evil, but last year the couple found out that due to the chemo they would never conceive naturally and got started straight away on IVF and through all this they still managed to keep strong and now they have their beautiful little girl who is a beautiful little Miss. Families like this, families who have been through hell and back but come out smiling are the ones I love to capture the most. This family survived because they had faith that everything would work out and well look at them now. Oh and the dogs! Django and Scooby! They are the cutest pups I have ever worked with!

A true joy to photograph.

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