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A Wolf and his Easter Egg Hunt

 Easter has always been a time for family when I was growing up. When I was little we traveled across the big pond to America to see my Great Auntie Connie and family. Whilst we were there we got to experience an American Easter and wow was it wonderful. At my cousin Janes house we did a huge Easter egg hunt in her forest garden. However with their Easter egg hunt it was plastic eggs full of sweets and money! Everyone would shout RUN and off we would go in search of eggs, once we were certain there were no more to be found we would tip our bags of eggs on the floor and open each one, hoping money was inside more than chocolate tehehe. A fond memory that every year is recreated.

 This year was Elliott's first time doing the hunt and although he had no idea what was happening it was so fun to watch him and Daddy go searching for eggs that had clearly been left in plain sight for little man to find and reach.  I just had to capture this moment on camera and I am so pleased I did. A family tradition that will go on and on. Next year I am sure Wolf will be running around with us trying to find them and its something I want to capture every year till he is old enough to say "I'm too old to do this"

Capturing these family moments is my passion and I really hope the more people see of my documentary photography the more bookings I receive of people also wanting me to capture their family moments and traditions.

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