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Welcome Spring. I loves ya

Spring is finally starting to burst into life. Blossom is covering those winter branches with its glory, the forest floors are saying goodbye to the snowdrops and welcoming the Daffodils. The air is getting that little bit warmer and with that comes the promise of sunnier skies. One can hope. I love this time of year. For me Spring is when new beginnings really start.

As those of you know who follow my other social media, my family and I have all come down with an awful stomach bug, whilst Elliott had it first and it has now passed, Daddy and I are still feeling rough as badgers knee caps. Elliott has been at his grandparents since Friday morning and wow do I miss him. Tomorrow he comes home and I can't wait to see him. Whilst I have been in my sick bed (sofa) I have been focusing on getting better but also trying to get myself organised. I have started to create folder for each of my clients so that I can keep track of deposits, contracts etc and its really helped. Stepping into this new season really has helped me get focused. Its funny how our bodies react so differently to a change in weather isn't it. As well as getting more organised, I have been catching up with embroidery orders and watching a lot of TV, because thats what you do when you are sick right? I have been in contact with a few brands that have kindly asked me to photograph their wonderful products for them and it has made me realise that product photoshoots are something I want to add to my list of can dos. I have been taking product shots for a little while, but I wasn't sure if it was something I wanted to offer potential clients but after having a few enquires and working with other brands recently, I have realised that I actually really enjoy it. Working with stylists as well is rather fun. I like to capture products in a unique way and have decided that unless I can do this I won't take on a product shoot. I don't want to be stuffed in a studio with a back drop, I want to show peoples wonderful creations in a beautiful and styled why.

So yeah, being sick isn't so bad, it has given me head space but I put it all down to the blossom appearing on the trees and igniting my imagination and passion. WELCOME SPRING. I LOVES YA!

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