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I am not so good at this 365 day challange 16 to 22/365

So it seems I am not so good at this 365 Day thingy. Although I take pictures everyday, I just don't always find the time to post them on here, what with being a mummy, wife, business owner, avid embroider and just damn lazy, I just keep forgetting. So yeah occasionally I will end up posting a few days together in one post but I am sure you don't mind, do you?


Receiving the cutest damn sandals for my little Wolf from the amazing online shop KIDLY!


The times when your little man falls asleep in the cutest of positions.


On another family shoot. Sun was shining but a cold wind in the air.


My little man turns 1. Another mile stone in the life of Elliott Wolf Barnes. I shall be sharing a little post on his Birthday later this week.


Feeling fresh and alive. Some days I am an anxious mess about this path I am taking with my business as a wedding and family photographer but I am also ready for the challenges that lay ahead.


Ooops I forgot this one.... 


Today was Wolf's year jabs. Of course I was an anxious mess before hand but it was over with quickly and after a lot of tears, I rushed my little man home for lots of cuddles. The majority of the day has been spent sleeping with a temperature but I am sure tomorrow is a new day

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