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Elliott Wolfs first sickness bug

This week has been one of those weeks when you feel helpless. Our Wolf caught his first sickness bug. It all started Tuesday, I noticed he seemed a little irritable. In the middle of the night I had a mothers intuition and woke up with this feeling something wasn't right. As we co share with Elliott I turned over and felt his neck, he was very hot. I got up to grab the thermometer, I came back upstairs to find Lee and Elliott at the top of the stairs, sick all over them both and the bed. Our poor little guy. For the next few days he was on and off sick but something I noticed, Children are very resilient. Although I am sure he was feeling awful he still managed to smile and laugh but in those times when he was really low, I felt completely helpless and all I could do is hold him, which I guess is enough for him. Now mummy & daddy are poorly with this awful bug and Elliott is staying with his Nanny & Granddad. Lets hope it passes quick as I miss him already and its only been a day...

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