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Blossom Princess- Freya

We all need to be princesses with flowers in our hair just once in our lives so today me and my friend Lucy made some flower crowns for her little girls. They were supposed to be helping but they preferred keeping Elliott happy and playing with him, so Lucy and I created the crowns on our own. Her eldest Freya was really sweet and agreed to me taking some photos of her in her pretty blossom flower crown and wow was she a delight to take photos of.

I have photographed Freya before but this time it was one on one and she was so cooperative. Its like she knew just what I wanted and I hope to photograph this little lady more this year for Lucy. She is a great model. Also she sucks two fingers and its the cutest thing ever! 

I adore working with children and really hope I get to do more wonderful shoots like this in the future. I really would love to offer a package where I go and create cute flower crowns with little girls and boys and then at the end we do a photo shoot with them wearing them. I think that would be a wonderful idea for a little girls birthday party? What do you think?

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