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A new bed. A new place to explore

Finally we have a new bed. Not just any bed though, we have a SUPER KING SIZE! When Elliott was born I was dead set on having him in a routine, he would sleep in his cot and I refused to think we would one day become a co sleeping family. But alas a co sleeping family is what we have become and you know what, its actually really lovely.

People ask me am I not worried about my child sleeping with us till he is big and I say no, he will grow out of it when he is ready and we shall deal with it when that time comes. For now we embrace our little Wolf sleeping with us. For some this is frowned upon but we all choose different ways of parenting right, so who is anyone to judge. It works for us and I would rather a happy baby and a well rested mummy and daddy any day. We have just realised that our little boy hates sleeping in a cot and I don't blame him. Who wants to sleep behind bars? To be closed in. I certainly wouldn't. So why should I expect him to.

We have decided as soon as he is walking we shall be getting him a toddler bed. His own big boy bed but for now our bed is his bed, hence the super king and as you can see our little dude (although his moody face doesn't show it) loves it.


  1. Fair play. We have co slept since Emma was poorly at about 3-4 months old. We found that she settled quicker and slept longer. We bought her a big bed last year, and she went to bed in it when she was ready, and never fussed. If she wakes in the night, she wanders in and sleeps with us for a few hours. If she doesn't, she sleeps soundly all night on her own. We've barely ever had a bad night's sleep, except for when poorly.

    My only complaint is the painful occasional jab in the ribs from her when she is rolling around!

    1. Its nice to hear this Neil. Some people can be very disproving of co sleeping and I will be honest at first I was,but then I realised it was best for all of us. That when he is ready he will sleep in his own big boy bed and that doing this is only us showing him compassion. x