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Welcome to All Of My Days Photography. A place of adventure, wild flowers, family and photography. My name is Hannah. I have been taking photos since I would say around the age of 18 and it fastly grew into my passion that I do daily...

Up until last year I had put off and put off pursuing photography as a career due to anxiety. Then my little boy Elliott Wolf was born last March and It was then that I realised, it was time. Although it took me till November to actually set up business and was only till I registered with the good old Mr Tax Man that it really hit home, that I was my own boss. That I had finally been brave enough to take that step into the big world of business. Of course there are days when I am so terrified I want to shut up shop and go get a "normal" job but then I slap myself in the face and realise, this is what I a meant to be doing. HAVE MORE FAITH IN YOUR ABILITIES HANNAH!

Ok so enough of that. For those of you who haven't read my about me page, I might as well write the same thing here.


A girl with adventure in her heart. One of my favourite things is that feeling I get when watch the sunset. That warm glow just kissing the earth. As your photographer, I want to be able to capture these moments that will forever be entangled in your heart. I want to help you document every moment, every smile, every wonder and every ounce of love.
I long for adventure and seek out the beauty the earth has to give us. As a mother of one small boy we call Wolf and a wife to a particularly handsome bearded husband, I spend most days longing for long drives, mountain walks, forest explorations and trickling water falls. I want to dance in wildflowers and say how do you do to the morning frost. I have a fondness for Middle Earth and a craving for apple and cinnamon. Just a girl with hopes and dreams for the future.
I specialise in natural light photography, working with families, couples, mums to be and bundles of joy. My style is a mix but mainly documentary style. I love to capture people in a natural relaxed way. None of this CHEESE! Just pure natural happiness.

SO there you have it. That is me. I really hope this little space brings me new families to work with and also new and wonderful friends. Don't be a stranger.

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