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In The Snowdrops - The Pinks

Snowdrops at there feet, hazy sunshine pouring through the trees, two little explores and a doting mother watching with love in her eyes. This is what family time is really about.

Today's planned shoot took me to Delepre Abbey in Northampton. A favourite meeting spot for me and my dear Keri-Anne and her two girls. A place we have many adventures over the years. We wanted to do some photos amongst the snowdrops but of course some shoots don't always go as planned and it turns out the snowdrops were still not in full bloom so I went with the flow and captured them all in their own natural way as always. Oh and not forgetting, getting Elliott's buggy stuck in the mud a few times. A lovely few hours with three of my favourite people and although not all the shots are in complete focus, I have decided those shots are my favourite. 

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