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Challenging Myself- 1/ 365

The start of the year really hasn't gone how I thought it would and I don't mean that in a negative sense. January was a crazy month and half the things I wanted to get done I have yet to get done but with the start of this new website for my business, I have decided to tick off one of the aims on my list and that is, to start the 365 day challenge.

Yep I am jumping on that bandwagon and have decided I really want to try this. I want to share with you all everyday a photo that is a window into my everyday life and to go with the photo I share daily I shall be writing a short thought with the photo. To start the challenge I thought this super cute photo of Wolf would be the perfect photo to kick start this daily challenge.

I can't wait to look back over these photos and am hoping at the end to put them into a little book. So wish me luck. 

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